sniperspy v8.0

Recently, the makers of the SniperSpy remote computer monitoring software announced the release of their newest upgrade with SniperSpy v8.0. This cutting edge software has been a leader in the market offering the latest and greatest innovative computer monitoring features and options for years now. The new SniperSpy v8.0 will show why they stay ahead of their monitoring competition.

SniperSpy offers various monitoring features and options to aid parents and employers in the discovery of the truth about how their Windows/Mac computers are being used by their kids and employees.

With previous SniperSpy versions, Users have been able to:

  • Monitor internet history of their computer.
  • View full chat conversations.
  • View screenshots and keystrokes from the monitored computer.
  • Monitor applications run and how long they were run for.
  • Watch LIVE keystrokes and screens as the monitored computer is being used in real time.
  • Remotely love/unlock, shutdown/restart remote monitored computer.
  • Plus much more…

New and current users will be please with version 8.0 and its newest features and options. With the new v8.0 upgrade, parents and employers will have access to a faster and improved interface when monitoring and many more tools at their disposal to make sure their computer is used properly. With the new v8.0, SniperSpy users will now be able to:

SniperSpy v8.0 Monitoring Features and Options

  • Take a snapshot of the surrounding area using the computer’s webcam.
  • Download logs to their own computer for permanent archiving.
  • Select to have recorded logs sent to a specified email address.
  • Record 5 min clips of audio surrounding the computer using the computer’s microphone.
  • View the online control panel in 4 different languages: English, Spanish, French, and German.
  • Change setting directly on monitored computer in new local interface.
  • Monitor multiple computers from one online control panel.
  • Block access to task manager and others to prevent tampering with SniperSpy.
  • Restrict applications, chat programs, websites and more with time control restrictions.

New SniperSpy users will quickly fall in love with SniperSpy and see why it continues to set the bar in the remote computer monitoring software industry. Also, new parents and employers will be happy to know that the SniperSpy software can be purchased for as low as $79.99 for a year license. For existing SniperSpy users, the new version 8.0 upgrade will not cost any extra. To upgrade, simply get in contact with tech support, and remove/reinstall the new version using your new registration code.

SniperSpy v8.0