employee monitoringAll business owners and managers share a common concern. They wonder if their employees are actually doing their work when they are at their computers or if they are messing around and doing personal things. As employees may be busy trying to get their own things done on company time, there fortunately is a way that employers can fight back.

Research shows that many employees are on company time when they are sending personal emails, shopping online, and even sneaking a peek at dirty pictures. They may be doing this while on their lunch break, but there is also a good chance they are doing it when the boss is not paying attention or can’t see their computer screen. The problem with this happening is that it is costing companies a lot of money.

Every time their employees are sitting at their computers taking care of personal items they are neglecting work-related ones. Doing this once in a great while may not be a big deal, but if you have an employee who does it on a daily basis it can really add up to a lot of lost time and productivity, impacting a company’s bottom line. If you have more than one employee engaging in this behavior the losses can add up quickly to become significant.

An employer could try to tackle this problem head on, by pulling up a chair alongside its employee day after day to monitor what that employee is doing online. But that could become costly with the lost time that adds up. Instead, employers may want to consider trying a program like SniperSpy, which is a remote computer spy software. The remote spy software allows the employer to monitor every single thing that is done on the employee’s computer, without the employee even knowing that it is happening.

Remote spy software is something that employers just download onto the computer and then it runs quietly in the background, recording everything the person does on the computer. It records keystrokes made, programs accessed, websites visited, messages sent and received, and more. Meanwhile, the employer has the ability to log in from any computer, at any time, to either view the activity logs for an in-depth picture of what the person is doing, or see what they are doing on the computer in real time.

Some employers have found that remote spy software is also instrumental in helping to train new employees and see how they are handling particular tasks, in addition to monitoring their personal time usage.

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For employers, using a remote spy software makes good business sense. It helps ensure that employees are doing the work they are being paid to do, rather than other things. It can be useful in weeding out employees who are not pulling their weight, or those who are abusing company time, as well as those who are engaging in behaviors that should not take place in the office. Remote spy software may help improve productivity, providing a good return on investment.

Computer Monitoring in the Workplace