Hi, my name is David and I have been testing and reviewing spy software for over 6 years. I have used just about every type of spy software on the market which is why I want you to know about SniperSpy.

Let me start with saying that if you have been searching for quite some time looking for the ultimate spy and monitoring software, then you just found it.. period. I ran across SniperSpy by accident over a year ago and was intrigued by the numerous features and the attractive price so I decided to try it myself and I have to tell you that it works AMAZINGLY well!

Before SniperSpy, I was using Webwatcher (which I gave up due to many complications it gave my PC) and SpyAgent. Although I love SpyAgent, it is not a remote spy tool which is what I wanted.

Remote Monitoring Vs. Local

If you don’t know what a remote spy tool is then let me explain.

Remote spy software gives you the ability to log-in to a secure online website from anywhere in the world and view the recorded information. SniperSpy uses this technology so everything the user does on the computer is recorded and stored on your own password-protected account in which only you can view at any time to see what the user is doing, even at that very moment!

Local spy software such as SpyAgent saves the recorded data locally to the computer itself which means you have to be sitting at that computer to see the information. If you’re like me, it’s much easier especially when I am away from home to just log into my account from my laptop or mobile phone and see all this information.

Who is SniperSpy For:

First of all, SniperSpy is for ANYONE. I am sure people use it for many reasons including:

  • Spying on their family members
  • Monitoring their family members
  • Monitoring Facebook activities
  • Monitoring employees when they should be working
  • Making sure your children are not giving out their personal information online
  • Ensuring a safer Internet browsing experience for the family

SniperSpy works great for all these reasons. In fact, it is MUCH cheaper than buying a business or commercial software that does the same thing and costs hundreds.

As I noted at the beginning of this post, I have been using and testing this kind of software tools for a long time and currently, I would recommend SniperSpy as being the #1 tool I recommend for spying and monitoring.

Remember, SniperSpy is not a parental control or internet filter software, but its main purpose is to monitor and spy on a users computer from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to a web browser.