sniperspy mac

Sniperspy is a great remote monitoring solution used to monitor PCs, but it is now also available in a Mac version that can be used to monitor Mac computers such as the new MacBook Air. Did you just purchase a new MacBook Air? You should know that monitoring your MAC using SniperSpy can enable you to ensure that it is being used appropriately by everyone who has access to it, whether they may be using it for work purposes or as a family computer at home.

In order to monitor your MacBook Air with Sniperspy Mac, you will need to purchase a copy of the program from the website. This will enable you to download the Sniperspy Mac program and it will also provide you with a registration code. You will use this code to register an account, at which point you will choose the username and password that you will use to access the records produced by Sniperspy or to monitor the computer live.

sniperSpy mac login

Once you account is set up, you can install the keylogger program onto the MacBook Air that you want to monitor. You need to use the computer that will be monitored in order to do this. You simply download the Sniperspy keylogger program onto the computer and install it by following the on-screen instructions.

configure sniperspy mac

You can install Sniperspy Mac on any Macintosh computer that is running the Mac OS X in wither the v10.6 Snow Leopard or v10.5 Leopard versions. You will have the option to configure the program to monitor only the types of activity that you want to record, but you can change these settings at a later date, using a password. Sniperspy will begin monitoring activity immediately.

sniperspy mac features

Once you have installed Sniperspy Mac, you will be able to sign into your account from any computer, smartphone or an iPad. You can then watch what is happening on the monitored computer live. You can see exactly what the user can see on the computer screen. Alternatively, you can access records of past computer use, so that you can monitor usage without having to view it live. You will be able to monitor computer use including online chats, see the websites that have been visited, read a log of all of the keystrokes that have been entered and access the computer’s file system.

How to Monitor your MacBook Air with Sniperspy Mac