SniperSpy is designed only to be used to monitor your underage child or employee. Retina-X Studios defines each as:

Child: Your own legal child that is under the legal age of 18 (as defined by US law). The child must be monitored using a computer running a compatible operating system that you own. Unless you have legal guardianship of the child, you cannot monitor the child if you hold one of the following relationships:

  • Brother / Sister
  • Step-Brother / Step-Sister
  • Step-Father / Step-Mother
  • Aunt / Uncle
  • Cousin / Nephew
  • Grandfather / Grandmother
  • Great-Grandfather / Great-Grandmother

Employee: Your employee at a company you own OR an employee at the same company as you and you have managerial responsibilities for. The employee must be monitored using a computer running a compatible operating system owned by the company and issued to the employee under your company’s policies regarding company computers. The employee MUST give their consent and be notified they are being monitored before monitoring can begin.

SniperSpy cannot be used to monitor any other individuals. This would violate the terms you agreed to at the point of purchase and be subject to immediate termination without reimbursement.

It is a federal and state offense to install monitoring software on a computer of which you do not own. Check all state, federal and local laws before installing any monitoring software. Unless it is a child of whom you have legal guardianship, you must ALWAYS notify a person they are being monitored.