Why Choose SniperSpy Remote Monitoring Software

SniperSpy Remote Monitoring SoftwareRetina-X Studios makes a product known as SniperSpy which is a software module that works silently in the background of a personal computer to monitor its activities. It runs on Mac and Windows PCs to report the truth about the activities of its user. It is also the best choice when it comes to software products in this class.

How to Choose the Best Computer Spy Software

There are other similar products on the market and all have their features and promises. But what makes SniperSpy the leader? To choose the best computer spy software, one must weigh the product in 6 categories and these are:

  • What do you want the product to do?
  • What features does it provide?
  • How is the level of support and service?
  • How stealth does it run?
  • What about its maker?
  • How about the price?

You will find that the SniperSpy remote monitoring package ranks highly in all of these categories. Keep reading and find out more.

The Features Depend on What You Want to Do

Before making a choice among the various computer monitoring products, it is important to make a list of what you need the product for.

For example, do you need to be able to remotely shutdown the computer you are monitoring? If so, then this goes into your decision and should be listed in the product’s features.

The Best Computer Spy Cannot Be Detected

If remote monitoring spyware is detected then the user might find a way to disable it unbeknownst to you the administrator. Some users are tech-savvy like this. Users should only know if they are monitored if you choose to tell them.

For instance, some employers choose to tell their business computer users that they are being monitored but maybe not give them the details. This acts as a deterrent to unauthorized activity in this case.

Price Is Important But Not the Priority

Price should be the last category you evaluate. This is because if the remote monitoring software lacks a few features that you need then it really is not worth your money no matter how low the price is.

Perks That Set SniperSpy Apart

You will find that the SniperSpy computer monitoring solution has a long list of perks to meet the 6 categories above and more. These perks are what make it the best choice among all of the others.

1. SniperSpy is backed by the leader in the Industry, Retina-X Studios. They have been in this business since the idea of computer spy software came on the scene.

2. It is fully undetectable. Users never know it is running unless you tell them. It maintains the identity as a “spy”. SniperSpy will even pass through PC firewalls silently.

3. The product has the best in service and support. Its wide range of services ensures that any question or concern about using the product will be answered. From the SniperSpy website you have access to frequently-asked questions, product upgrades, telephone support, online opening of a support ticket, or chat with a technical service rep online. Telephone support is available from 9 AM to 5 PM U.S. Eastern Standard Time 7 days a week.

4. It has an intuitive control panel presentation. When you log on to the subscriber control panel you will notice that its layout is intuitive and easy to navigate. Every feature and function is placed in logical categories. For instance, every feature that deals with filtering is placed in that logical category along the left-hand menu. Thus, all you need to know is the general function and you can narrow down the specific related feature within it.

5. Updates are provided free. There is no need to pay additional fees for updates to the product. All minor updates are downloadable from the support page.

6. It can be deployed remotely. You don’t need to be sitting at the computer to be watched for installing SniperSpy remote monitoring software. It is fully deployable to a remote location from the subscriber control panel. This is extremely helpful when you are monitoring a network of computers across the nation or the globe.

7. SniperSpy has a long list of features. This is another perk that will stand out right away when you visit the SniperSpy website.

8. You get near real-time monitoring. Practically every feature included with the SniperSpy remote monitoring system in some way gives you near real-time monitoring but some approach real-time. One example is the ability to take a snapshot from the remote computer’s webcam or use its microphone to capture surrounding sounds.

When comparing the SniperSpy computer monitoring solution to like products in its class there really is no comparison. By this point you no doubt see that SniperSpy has everything when it comes to the tools and service needed to find out the truth about the monitored computer user’s activities. Choose SniperSpy today and start discovering the truth.