Using SniperSpy to Monitor Employee Productivity

Employee MonitoringSniperSpy is the powerful monitoring software that runs silently on a desktop or laptop computer and reports all the activities carried out by its user. It is the perfect employer solution for monitoring employees and ensuring that their company computer use stays within the parameters of organizational guidelines.

When employees are using company-owned computers and there is no monitor on them, employers are vulnerable to a long list of troubles to include:

  • Lost productivity due to time spent on Facebook
  • Using work computers for personal activities after hours
  • Visiting inappropriate websites to pass the time
  • Chatting on instant messengers (IM)
  • Running apps on the computer that have nothing to do with work
  • Sharing company secrets through work computers
  • No way to track changes to critical files

Running apps such as games that are not required for a person’s job not only wastes time but can interfere with the standard configuration that company system administrators need to keep computers running smoothly.

For example, an employee can download a game and that game makes configuration changes upon installation that cause other packages to not work correctly. This is not to mention the risk of introducing adware, malware, and viruses onto the enterprise network.

Top 10 Reports

Managers like reports because they give a quick look at any given situation. It is the same when it comes to SniperSpy and computer monitoring. With SniperSpy, you get quick-look, graphical reports for:

  • Website visits
  • Searches initiated online
  • Applications ran
  • Windows opened
  • IM user chats


These are what SniperSpy calls “Top 10” reports. You see the top 10 website visits, top 10 applications ran, and so on. Thus, if a particular employee cannot seem to meet his deadlines, a quick look at the top 10 reports might just tell you that he likes to search on Google quite often for topics not even related to his job.

Other SniperSpy Features

In addition to reporting, there are some other features that are particularly useful for both managers and system administrators. These features are:

  • See uploaded files
  • Changed files
  • Time Control
  • Filtering

Company computers are packed with business-critical files that need to be under strict control. Any file that deals with financials is one example. When the books don’t balance, one of the first measures to take is to check when files were changed. SniperSpy with its ability to track changes to files could lead you to the employee trying to steal from the company by altering the books.

Other Ways SniperSpy Features Help Productivity

SniperSpy is packed with features but it is important to know how to apply those features in ways that help. Some of the other help provided by SniperSpy when it comes to monitoring computer resources are:

1. Seeing uploaded files tells you what your employee is sharing. If the uploads are for legitimate business purposes then no problem. However, if they are jpg images of nonsense then with SniperSpy the names of the files will give away the activity.

2. Time control lets you set the hours that an employee can use the computer. Some employees believe that they can use their work PC any way they like as long as it is after working hours. But it is still unauthorized activity and SniperSpy can be set to block access to a computer within a pre-designated timeframe. The restrictions can be set for certain days and times within those days.

3. Filtering helps you keep communications professional. SniperSpy has an alert feature where it will capture the use of profanity within windows and send that alert to your subscriber control panel. This is useful for not only detecting the inappropriate activities of your employees but also calling them on unprofessional speak.

As an employer, you more than likely see by now just how useful SniperSpy can be when it comes to monitoring and keeping control of company-owned desktop and laptop computers.

It is best to install SniperSpy on the company computers before assigning them to employees. Doing it this way will ensure problems do not get out of hand. Don’t let business become vulnerable to these sorts of problems. Get SniperSpy on your company computers right away.