I have a special coupon code for you so you can save $12 on SniperSpy (12-Month License). Taking advantage of your SniperSpy coupon code is easy and all you need to do is the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Choose the SniperSpy product and subscription length.

SniperSpy is available for both Windows and Mac computers. Prices are the same between the two platforms. The only variation is if you buy a 6-month or a 12-month subscription. The 6-month subscription is $59.97 and the 12-month subscription is $79.97. It is a simple pricing strategy and with your subscription you get all features.

Step 2: Enter the SniperSpy coupon code.

When you have chosen the product and subscription length click on the “Buy Now” button from the SniperSpy purchase page. This takes you to the shopping cart page that lists what you are buying. You will see a checkbox on the left of the page labeled “I have a discount coupon.”

Check the box and then enter the coupon code “bestspy15” into the field and continue with completing your purchase.

SniperSpy Discount Coupon

Step 3: Start Using SniperSpy

When your purchase has successfully completed, you will be sent an email containing the spy product’s license code. With this code, you can download the software and install it on the computer that you want to monitor.

After installing the software, data about the activities on the monitored computer are sent continuously to the SniperSpy servers. The information is held and ready for you to log in to your control panel for viewing.

What You Might Like to Know about Sniper Spy

SniperSpy PC SpyYou definitely want to know what SniperSpy can do for you when it comes to monitoring the activities on a remote computer. The product is feature rich and there really isn’t anything that it cannot do. Its features include:

  • Filtering of selected apps related to chatting, web browsing, and social media sites
  • Viewing of the remote computer’s screen
  • Logging of all websites visited
  • Keystroke logging
  • Recording surrounding sounds using the remote computer’s microphone
  • Monitoring of Facebook logs
  • Capturing of the clipboard logs
  • Logging of the IP address for each upload initiated by the monitored computer and mapping it to the device’s location
  • Retrieving logs of chats conducted on the remote computer
  • Logging of changes to files and folders

More features can be added to this list as well. Basically you can see every activity performed on the remote computer.

If you think your teenager is viewing porn on his computer, SniperSpy will tell you. If you think your employee is spending too much time on Facebook, you will be able to determine this as well. Furthermore, you can block websites and apps that you determine are inappropriate for those you monitor to access. Now you can enjoy these features at a reduced price with your SniperSpy discount code.

Who Makes SniperSpy?

SniperSpy is developed by Retina-X Studios. This company is a leader in the spy software industry because of the number of years it has been making these products. In fact, it has been in the spy software business since 2003 when it released another PC monitoring solution named AceSpy. The company also makes products for cell phone monitoring such as Mobile Spy and PhoneSheriff.

How to Reach SniperSpy

Support (U.S. Toll-free): 1-888-475-5345
Questions (U.S. Direct): 1-904-696-1438
Help and Support: http://www.sniperspy.com/support.html

You can also get your questions answered through the company’s live online chat accessible from the SniperSpy web page.