Monitoring Internet Use with SniperSpy

InternetEveryone knows that the internet is probably the most useful tool there is for finding information these days. It is also popular for connecting with old friends and maintaining the current ones with the popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, the good points about the internet can be muffled because of the troubles it causes though misuse.

This is where the computer monitoring solution from SniperSpy is a tremendous help for parents and employers who want to make sure their children and employees practice responsible and safe internet use.

Internet Troubles and Your Children

Your children are susceptible to all sorts of troubles when it comes to using the internet. Without SniperSpy computer monitoring software on the computers they use, troubles are bound to happen such as:

  • Visiting inappropriate websites
  • Spending long hours at the expense of homework
  • Creating false profiles to lie about age
  • Exposure to predators
  • Identify theft

Perpetrators of identity theft frequently target children because children won’t need to apply for credit or open their own bank accounts for a few years. They also know that it’s easy to extract identify information from children who don’t know any better.

Employees Misuse It Too

Typically, employees misuse the internet at work because they are bored and want something to entertain them. In some cases, employees don’t even have an internet connection at home because they figure they can use it the way they want to at the office.

Thus, some of the troubles you as an employer are susceptible to without SniperSpy computer monitoring software running on your workplace’s computers include:

  • Excessive browsing at the expense of productive time
  • Introduce malware on network computers
  • Creating false profiles on dating and cam sites
  • Exposure of sensitive business information to other spies

One example of a dangerous virus situation is through Skype. For example, Skype has had a virus in the past where it hijacks the app and sends inappropriate messages to all users in its contacts list. Imagine how embarrassing this could be for your business.

SniperSpy Internet Monitoring Features

SniperSpy FeaturesHere is where SniperSpy computer monitoring software is an industry leader because of its long list of features for controlling internet usage. These features are as follows:

  1. History of websites visited
  2. Keylogging
  3. Monitoring of Facebook and MySpace sessions
  4. Viewing of instant messenger (IM) chat conversations
  5. Capturing screenshots
  6. Alerts when profanity is used
  7. Blocking of designated websites
  8. Filtering of certain social media sites
  9. Blocking of access to major chat sites
  10. Placing time usage restrictions

These features are in addition to the others provided by SniperSpy giving you a total computer monitoring solution.

Putting the Features to Use

With this long list of features provided by SniperSpy computer monitoring software, you can get help as a parent or employer in some of the following ways.

Website history helps you to know which filters to designate.

The initial display on your subscriber control panel gives you a graphic report of the top websites visited. You will be able to spot right away any misuse and then add the inappropriate sites to what SniperSpy calls a “blacklist”. Any website in the blacklist gets blocked.

Keylogging and screen capture fills in the gaps.

SniperSpy computer monitoring software captures screenshots and keystrokes from Facebook and MySpace. It also captures IM chat logs from several of the popular apps for this purpose. However, it doesn’t capture the chats from proprietary IMs nor does it capture Twitter exchanges. However, the keylogging and screen capture features from SniperSpy can capture the activity from these exceptions as well.

Profanity filters can reveal a wide range of inappropriate activity.

Profanity used in the text of any window on the monitored computer is a good indicator that inappropriate browsing is also taking place. SniperSpy traps profanity and reports it to you so that you can investigate further.

Time restrictions help to guard against periods when internet misuse is the greatest.

Oftentimes the potential for internet misuse is after hours and when no one is around. For this, SniperSpy provides the capability to block usage during those times.

The internet is too useful of a tool to have it spoiled because of misuse. The SniperSpy computer monitoring solution enables you as a parent or employer to keep the controls on it and make sure it is used according to your standards.

SniperSpy is available for monitoring both Windows and Mac computers and at an affordable cost. Don’t let internet troubles overwhelm you. Get the computers you look after protected today with SniperSpy.