Keeping Children Safe on the Internet

Internet Safety for KidsOne of the primary responsibilities of parents when it comes to their kids and computer use is to keep them safe while online. However, there is always the risk that even their innocent mistakes while online could put them in danger. This is not to mention their willful mischief while online as well.

However, you as a parent cannot always be around when your kids are at the computer. They may need it to do their homework in the span of time between their arrival home from school and your return from work.

How can you as a parent to keep your kids safe from online dangers? The answer is in the SniperSpy computer monitoring system.

SniperSpy To Protect My Children? What is This?

SniperSpy is an innovative software application that runs silently on your child’s computer and records what he does while using it. However, it doesn’t stop there. It sends the information across the internet where you as a parent can see what was logged through another app known as a control panel. You can access the information from anywhere there is a web browser and internet access.

SniperSpy is critical to protecting the safety of your children while using a computer online and there are plenty of dangers for you to be concerned about.

The Troubles without SniperSpy

When you do not have the SniperSpy computer monitoring application running on the household computer, your children are open to all sorts of dangers such as:

  • Online predators and pedophiles
  • Few resources to limit computer use
  • Cannot filter content
  • Cyber bullying

SniperSpy provides the answers to guarding against these troubles. Keep reading and find out more.

What You Get With SniperSpy

SniperSpy control panelYou get many features when it comes to SniperSpy and computer monitoring. However, the following will be of special interest to you when it comes to keeping your child safe while online:

  1. Logging of all web browsing activity
  2. Social network filtering
  3. Computer usage time filtering
  4. Capability to look at the full text of email exchanges both incoming and outgoing
  5. See the full context of instant messenger (IM) chat applications
  6. Log all apps accessed on the computer

The SniperSpy computer monitoring app runs in what is referred to as full stealth mode which means that your child will never detect it running on their computer.

However, just the fact that a child knows he is being monitored could be just enough of a deterrent to make him avoid partaking in unsafe activities. So, it’s up to you whether or not you want to divulge that SniperSpy is running on the computer that your child uses.

The Dangers of Social Networks

Your children get on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter to chat with friends and these apps are innovative when it comes to socializing. However, they present a few problems such as:

  • Time wasting
  • Befriending strangers
  • Being a forum for abusive or irresponsible posts

Social Networks

Keep in mind too that Twitter allows adult content. Your teenager can take photos of herself in half-dressed poses and post them on Twitter and run the risk of inviting sexual predators.

Then there is the issue of making abusive and irresponsible posts. The reality that a person does not have to make comments face-to-face opens the door to saying whatever comes to mind.

Limiting Computer Use

Computers are a lot like televisions in that a child can spend way too long in front of them. In the meantime, the ability for your child to complete homework and get rest suffers. With the SniperSpy computer monitoring system, you can actually set up a sophisticated schedule of when your child can use the computer and when she cannot.

Blocking Certain Apps from Use

Accessing inappropriate apps can be equivalent to visiting inappropriate websites. Many of these apps have embedded Trojans and malware that can snoop into your child’s private life and the next thing you know he is getting spam email that is tempting to reply to. You know. These are the emails that promise a person that he can make thousands of dollars in a week with no work at all.

SniperSpy has a feature that inventories all of the apps on a computer and then lets you pick those to block access to—all from your subscriber control panel.

Important to Clarify Expectations

In any case, it is important that you as a parent express your expectations to your child when it comes to safe use of the computer. SniperSpy is only a tool to be used to check that your child is living up to your expectations.

By now you can see that the SniperSpy computer monitoring package is a helpful tool when it comes to making sure that your child stays safe while online and using all of the resources that the internet has to offer.

You cannot be there every minute to look over your child’s shoulder when on the computer and you just need another “agent” to monitor the activities he or she is involved in when online. Don’t risk your child’s safety. Order the SniperSpy computer monitoring service today.