Important: SniperSpy is not hidden anymore. The new version of SniperSpy will show a password-protected app icon on the desktop, and a notification about the computer being monitored will display every time the computer starts Windows or Mac OS X. Read more…

SniperSpy New Version 7.5

There probably isn’t an office, school, or home that does not have one or more computers in it these days. They are used to accomplish tasks related to work, education, entertainment, communication, and more. They can also be tempting to misuse, especially when no one is supervising.

This is where an innovative remote spy software known as SniperSpy comes on the scene. If you are responsible for the appropriate use of computers under your watch then you will definitely be interested in what SniperSpy has to offer.

What Is SniperSpy?

SniperSpy SniperSpy is a software module that runs silently on a personal computer, collects activity logs and other information from it, and sends it across the internet to a server where another individual can observe and analyze the data.

You can think of SniperSpy as a way to supervise and monitor the user activities on a particular computer from a remote location. You don’t need to be right there looking over the user’s shoulder. Click here for a demo

Who Needs SniperSpy?

As mentioned previously, anyone who has direct responsibility in making sure that a computer is used appropriately needs SniperSpy. This is because you cannot always be with the user.

Thus, you will find that the typical purchasers of SniperSpy will be:

  • Parents wanting to keep tabs on how their children use the home computer
  • Employers who must ensure that business computers are used within the bounds of company rules and policy
  • Teachers needing to enforce the use of school computers for educational purposes only
  • System administrators needing to monitor several computers with some of them at remote locations

You probably have several more uses that come to mind. All the users listed above have a direct responsibility for these computers and need the help provided by SniperSpy.

How Does It Work?

The high level workings of the SniperSpy computer monitoring module are quite simple even though the technology at the lower level is complex. The SniperSpy computer monitoring system works based on four components:

  1. A software module that runs silently on the computer being monitored and collects every bit of information regarding what the user does on the machine
  2. Collected logs are transmitted over the internet for storage on the SniperSpy servers
  3. Received logs are indexed and made available for subscriber viewing
  4. The subscriber views the logs through a control panel application from anywhere

The administrator/subscriber also has control of the remote computer the other way. See the features below for more details.

Key Features of the SniperSpy Remote Monitoring Software

What makes SniperSpy among the leaders in the industry is its long list of features. With SniperSpy running on the computer you are monitoring you get the following:

1. Screenshots from the monitored computer – You can take snapshots of the activity on the computer’s screen and store them for record keeping. Is your employee doing personal chats at work on Facebook? Take a snapshot of it and keep it for your records to approach him later about it.

2. Keylogger capability – The keylogger collects all keys pressed on the keyboard and organizes the text in a way that you will be able to make sense of it. You can capture everything typed by the user.

3. IP-based location tracking – The location of the monitored computer can be pinpointed based on its IP address.

4. Tracking of all websites visited – Basically you get the web browser’s history sent for viewing at your control panel. Thus, you will see any inappropriate websites visited by your child, student, or employee. Even if the user deletes the browser history to cover his tracks it doesn’t matter because you will already have a retained copy of it.

5. Viewing of the computer’s screen in real-time – Watch an employee or child misusing the computer as it happens. This way, if the user is engaged in an inappropriate chat with a stranger, you’ll be able to see it live.

6. Remote installation – Install the SniperSpy module from a remote computer. This is useful for system administrators overseeing a computer in another city, state, and even country. It is also useful when the system administrator needs to install SniperSpy on several computers from one single location.

7. Reboot, shut down, or log off the user remotely – This is another useful tool for system administrators and can be used for remote troubleshooting or revoke a user’s access if serious offenses are in progress.

8. Uninstall SniperSpy remotely – Allows a system administrator to uninstall the SniperSpy product and he doesn’t need to be in the same location. This is useful when you need to replace a computer but cannot be there on site to do so.

9. Chat conversation monitoring – One of the favorite time-wasters on a computer is chatting with others and SniperSpy monitors a variety of the popular chat applications as well. It sends chat text from Gtalk, Paltalk, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, and Windows IM. You get the full context of all conversations conducted through these instant messenger (IM) apps.

10. Send messages to the remote user – From your subscriber control panel you can send a message to the user at the keyboard of the monitored computer. Maybe you notice that it is an employee wasting time. You can send a text to stop and get back to work.

11. Comprehensive subscriber control panel – The SniperSpy control panel is organized in such a manner that provides you with intuitive navigation so that you can easily get to any log that you need to see.

12. Webcam Snapshot (NEW) – Remotely get photo clips of the person using the computer and their surroundings. These snapshots are taken silently and the targeted user will never know about the monitoring webcam.

13. Surround Recording (NEW) – Enable and configure mic recording from the panel under User Tools. Now start recording when you want to hear their surroundings. Each recording can be scheduled for the time you want and is accessed via the online control panel.

There are more features to the SniperSpy computer monitoring system. Basically, if it is happening on the remote computer then the module will be reporting it.

Getting Started with SniperSpy

The steps required to begin monitoring a computer with SniperSpy are quite simple. All you need to do is:

Step 1: Purchase a subscription, register, and wait for the email that SniperSpy will send you with further installation instructions. The purchase page is also where you can use your SniperSpy discount code and get 15% off your order!

Step 2: Next, you want to follow the instructions and download the module creator, run it, and then install the resulting module on the computer to be monitored. As mentioned before, you can either do this remotely or at the computer’s location.

Step 3: The last step is to log in to your SniperSpy secure control panel and start viewing and analyzing the logs sent. You can also do searches on these logs to find what you need.

view demo

How SniperSpy Helps

Some of the ways that SniperSpy computer monitoring software helps were briefly mentioned in the features list. Here are some more ways that you get help by running this program on computers that you are responsible for.

Child Monitoring 1. It keeps tabs on social networking site access: SniperSpy also has hooks into the popular social networking site Facebook. Facebook is great for connecting friends both current and from the past but it can be an unbelievable time waster plus dangerous if your kids make friends with strangers who could be sexual predators. Not only this, teenagers and adults can become abusive and irresponsible on Facebook using words that suggest sexual innuendo, drug-related activity, or violence. You need the computer monitoring application from SniperSpy to intervene in these situations to keep your kids out of trouble.

As an employer, you need to stay on top of abusive conversation that is sometimes facilitated through social networks because you could be open to litigation by an employee who believes she is a victim of verbal abuse or in a hostile work environment.

2. It helps employers maintain appropriate use: computers used inappropriately are susceptible to viruses and configuration problems that give system administrators nightmares. You want to know if an employee brings in game software from home and installs it on a company computer because it could cause other approved software to not work or introduce malware and viruses.

3. SniperSpy facilitates remote system troubleshooting: this was touched on briefly in the features list. There are more tasks that a system administrator must do when a computer is not working the way it should. Thus, a system administrator can see the screen of the remote computer and issue a reboot command should he deem it is necessary.

4. Parents can keep tabs on home computer use: one simple way to ensure that your kids do not use a computer inappropriately is to put it in a common family area. But what about when you are not at home? Plus, kids these days are knowledgeable about covering tracks to hide their inappropriate website viewing and other telltale facts from logs.

The Pros and Cons of SniperSpy


  • Completely undetectable
  • Comprehensive service and support
  • Capabilities to do remote install and uninstall
  • Satisfaction or money back guarantee
  • Secure and full-featured control panel
  • Software updates free of charge
  • Easy to use

One overall advantage is that SniperSpy is backed by one of the leading companies in the spy software industry, Retina-X Studios. In fact, Retina-X is one of the original spy software companies so you know that you are getting experience built in to the design of the SniperSpy product.


  • There is only one consideration that you need to make for the SniperSpy computer monitoring package and that is you need a working internet connection. If the internet happens to go down, the logs will accumulate and be sent once it comes back up.

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Anyone can see by now that the SniperSpy computer monitoring system is a must-have for those responsible for computers that they let others use. The extent of features that you get and its ease of use make it well worth the price. Leave yourself at risk no longer and get your computers protected with SniperSpy before you put those machines out for use.